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It all began in 1960 with a small print shop in Somerville, MA., just 2 miles from Boston. With some unrivaled customer service and a ‘get things done’ attitude, things grew quickly and by the mid 80’s we relocated to a larger facility. The 90’s brought even more opportunity as we introduced promotional products to our line up and Superior took on a new exciting persona and a national presence.

That’s where we have been. . .Here’s where we are going.

Within a few years and in order to keep up with demand we moved, once again, to our larger current facility in Medford, MA. We now cater to a new generation of discerning clients, including many Fortune 500’s. As our industry continues to evolve, demands for higher levels of sophistication and reliance are emerging. We welcome these new challenges as opportunities and invite you to contact us to participate in a Superior experience that is sure to promote your brand to new levels.




Being green, buying green, and selling green are no longer just trends or fads. Eco-efforts come from our collective sense of responsibility. Being green is a continuing part of Superior’s culture in the office, production areas, warehouse & delivery fleet, virtually everywhere!

We continue to upgrade our collection of SuperiorGreen selections in our green promo products catalog. Take a look at the link below. We think you will be pleased at the variety available as well as the ease in which to order. Let’s make a statement together.


Some of our clients


Brand Awareness | Brand Strategy | Superior Promotions | Medford, MA

Do customers really “know” your brand?
Being in the promotional product industry it’s crucial that we pay close attention to enhancing our brand.

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Seasons play a major role in the sales of promotional products.
Considering there are four of them, there’s a sense of seasonality that comes with the consumer and with what they need.

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Large Format Printing | Superior Promotions | Medford, MA

Does anyone still use print?
Superior offers a lot of different marketing collateral options for our clients. One of the more exciting offers is our large format printing capabilities.

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